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We were amazed …


We were amazed to see that there is not much snow in Bishop – in fact, the mountains look a lot like they looked when we left in November! We have had some snow since I took this photo, and there may be more coming. The weather has varied from high 70s to low 50s during the day. Last winter was a record for snow; quite the opposite this year!

We’ve been hiking nearly every day up the canyon behind Grace’s house. The path is a long gradual incline that gets my heart pumping, then levels out a bit before it winds behind a hill and back down.

A few days ago we went to the Sads – a group of boulders where a lot of rock climbers hang out. It was extremely windy; the dust and dirt swirling around us and getting into our clothes and eyes. We found a protected spot in the boulders and watched some kids climbing:


After hanging out in the Sads for a while (by the way, there is another group of rocks called the Happys), we drove out into the Table Lands. There are lots of petroglyphs in this area, along with other evidence of early habitation.



























The petroglphs are so dense – I would love to know how many people worked on these, how long it took, was it all done simultaneously, and most of all, what does it all mean?



We arrived at our friend Grace’s home around 7pm, in time for St. Patty’s Day dinner! Grace left for 3 weeks touring in Columbia the next morning and we got settled in.

We feed all the animals (except the cats) twice daily. There are 5 llamas, 7 chickens, 7 geese and 4 cats. The llamas are skittish…I keep trying to pat them, but they back away and look alarmed…and one of then keeps sticking his tongue out at me! The llamas are named: Barack Olama, Osama bin Llama, Hayden, Otis and Oliver. 



On the Road

While packing and leaving Seattle, we were hit with torrential rain. As we drove South, it became hail and sleet and then snow. At times the sleet was coming down so hard, we could barely see and the wipers couldn’t keep up. But, the weather was a lot better than the forecast, so we were relieved. We made good time and were pleased with our gas mileage…17mpg with 2 rocket boxes, trailer and using 4wheel drive a lot!

We spent the night in Klamath Falls OR and stopped at one of our favorite coffee spots the next morning…Matteo’s.


Scenes from Seattle

It was fun spending a few months in Seattle, celebrating the holidays, seeing our girls, and catching up with our friends. Doug did a lot of gym climbing, while I walked with my friend, Becky. I had a chance to take a few photos of some of my favorite Seattle places…






~ Cathy


Ready to Go!


Here’s our truck, before the canopy was added. It’s very red!

We have spent a lot of time researching, shopping and getting ready for the next phase of our travels. After a lot of searching, Doug found a great truck. It’s a 2004 Toyota Tacoma. It looks new and only has 68,000 miles! Since this photo was taken, we had our friend Dave Davis build a platform for the truck bed with storage below. It has 4 hatches to access what is underneath, in addition to what we can reach from the tailgate. Doug and I bought carpeting and glued it down over the platform to provide extra padding. Our old self-inflating mattress fits perfectly on top! Crack canyons, here we come!

Now we’re packing up and anxious to hit the road. We’ll leave Friday morning for Bishop, CA. We’ll spend 3 weeks house-sitting for our friend, Grace, and taking care of her 5 llamas, 8 geese, 8 chickens, and 4 cats. Then we’ll head to Southern Utah and stay in that area until it gets too hot. At that point we’ll return to the Eastern Sierra and camp in the mountains.

California, here we come!!!