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The lights flickered; the winds vibrated across the roof…we looked outside – it was snowing! Then it became very quiet with just the light sound of falling snow. We woke up to more winter…after a few days of temperatures in the 60s!


Pahreah Townsite

Pahreah Townsite

Pahreah Townsite was established in 1869, but abandoned 40 years later because of frequent flooding. In the 1930’s it was the site of a movie set where films such as “The Outlaw Josie Wales” were filmed. The remaining structures were torn down in 1990’s when they were deemed unsafe. Two replicas were built in 2000; but burned down in 2006. The original cemetary still lies a mile down the road from the original townsite.

The road was still frozen, so we were able to drive about 2/3rds of the way to the Townsite without a problem. A little warmer and the mud would be really thick and sticky. We’ll return when it’s been dry for a few days for the full tour.

Cocks Comb

On our way back to Kanab from Rimrock Canyon, we stopped alongside the Cocks Comb to take these photos. The Cocks Comb is a scenic area of upturned sedimentary layers within the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It goes on for miles.


Rimrock Canyon with it’s badlands and toadstool-shaped rocks lies about 40 miles from Kanab. We hiked about a mile into the canyon to see the first few toadstools. Then we drove up the Cottonwood Road aboout 3 miles and hiked another mile to the rim of the canyon. These rock formations are so cool; in all sizes and shapes. Made for a very fun day!


I like to imagine what is what like for the Mormans when they first saw this area. It must have seemed like the promised land with the towering cliffs, deep valleys and the rushing river. It was named Zion for the biblical “City of God” by Isaac Behunin, the first settler. Each time we visit, I am impressed by Zion’s beauty and majesty. It is truly grand.

The peak below is “Angel’s Landing”. You can hike to the top, using chains on the steep parts. It’s one of my hiking goals.

We saw 3 climbers climbing the rock cliff pictured here:

Although we had a sunny and fairly warm day, it was cold in the shadows. It will be a while before this ice thaws:

Travel Theme: Glass

We admired this table full of glass we saw as on our walk to “downtown” Kanab:


These bottles were displayed in the museum at Bodie State Park in California…a ghost town:


Best Friends

Best Friends, the largest no-kill animal¬†sanctuary in the US, is located in Kanab. We took a drive through Angel Canyon where Best Friends resides. It’s an amazing place. The canyon is stunningly beautiful and Best Friends has signs everywhere pointing to different areas of their operation. Apparently each type of animal has a huge area with housing and care facilities. People come from all over to volunteer at Best Friends.


There is also an animal cemetary with different kinds of markers, including a lot of windchimes.
IMG_4656 IMG_4657

Our winter home

We’ve been looking forward to spending the winter in Kanab since last summer when we visited. Now that we’re settled in, we’re even more excited! What a great location – there are so many things to do, and so many places to visit. Within 100 miles ~ Zion, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon, the Wave…plus there are lots of sights and hikes nearby.

After stocking up on groceries our first day, we didn’t get into the truck for almost a week! We’ve enjoyed walking to town, spending time at Willow Canyon ~ a coffeeshop, bookstore & gear store; shopping for groceries on our way home.

Kanab is a lovely town, bordered by the Grand Staircase Escalante. Many Grade B westerns were filmed here back in the day. It’s pretty quiet now; lots of motels and restaurants close for the winter ~ but it’s hopping the rest of the year. We’re enjoying the peace and quiet, and are meeting some very nice locals.

Our digs:

Some scenes from around Kanab:

Gotta try these pies!

Snow left over from storm just before Christmas!

Grand Staircase of the Escalante ~ it goes on and on…

Happy New Year & on to Kanab!

We left Seattle on January 1st after visiting Doug’s daughter, Sydney, and her mom. First stop – Olympia, to spend the night with our friends Bill and Les. It’s always fun to visit with them! We spent the next night with new friends, Sue and John in Eugene (we met in Cochise Stronghold this summer). We had such a great time reconnecting with them! Then 2 long days of driving and we made it to Kanab. I took a few photos along the way on my cellphone:




We saw two trucks jack-knived along the way:

Lovely sunset:

Travel Theme: Multiples

Inspired by Where’s My Backpack, I have looked through some old photos to find “multiples”.


Bountiful bunnies in a shop window in Santa Fe


Wall of an Earthship outside of Taos, NM

Edge of Cedars Museum 34

Anasazi pottery bowls, Edge of the Cedars Museum


Goblins at Goblin Valley, Utah