Camping & Taking Photos in E. California and the SouthWest

Heading “Home”

It was hard to leave Seattle, my friends, my clients, my family. One of the last evenings in town, my friend Becky and I went to Anthony’s at Shilshole for happy hour. It was another gorgeous day. We enjoyed the views, the food and the drinks.


My first stop on the way to Kanab was Baker City, OR. We’ve stopped there before, so I knew there was a good coffee shop (imperative when driving along cross-country). The town has a lot of charm and many historic buildings.



I heard from several people about the Oregon Trail museum in Baker City, and arrived early enough to check it out. It is impressive. I’ve always been intrigued by the Oregon Trail and the people who traveled it. It’s hard to imagine walking all that way and suffering everything they did. They were a strong lot. I can’t imagine leaving everyone I knew and knowing that I’d never see them again.

IMG_5879 - Copy

IMG_5881 - Copy

IMG_5883 - Copy

IMG_5884 - Copy

IMG_5886 - Copy

IMG_5887 - Copy

IMG_5888 - Copy

IMG_5889 - Copy




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