Camping & Taking Photos in E. California and the SouthWest

About Us

We are “virtual nomads” ~ We live, work and play throughout Eastern California and the SouthWest. Cathy provides support services to a handful of real estate agents. Doug is an active stock trader, handling his own portfolio. We started this lifestyle in May 2010; Cathy gave up her apartment; we said goodbye to our families, friends, clients and coworkers, and we took off. After 7 months on the road, we returned to Seattle for Thanksgiving and geared up to go back out again. Last year we left again in mid-March and returned for Thanksgiving.

Our home is a sturdy 12×12 Cabela’s Outfitter Series XWT-Xtreme Weather Tent with a heavy-duty rain fly. We’ve experienced wind gusts of over 70 mph and were very glad we had this tent! We also have a 12×12 screen tent that we generally put over the picnic table – so we can cook, eat, work and relax in the shade. We upgraded this year to a Eureka, which has solid sides that can be rolled up or down, or used as awnings. Generally we spend 2 weeks at a campsite – with all our gear, it makes sense; but mostly we like to settle in and really get to know the area.

Our satellite internet system makes it all possible. Doug did a lot of research and found a distributor in Yuma who set us up with all the equipment and provides support as well. When we are in the car going to a new place, Cathy will often use her cellphone as a modem so she can work while Doug drives. It seems to her that our satellite internet is generally quicker than using the cellphone modem. When we are camping, we generally don’t have cellphone coverage, but we always have internet! Of course, working “outside” does have its challenges…heat, bugs & dust top the list. When we are camping close to a town, we often work in a coffeeshop during the hottest time of day.

We have a Queen size airbed and add a thermorest self-inflating mattress on top of that. We complete the bed with a mattress cover and fitted sheet. A duvet goes on top – with a down comforter when it’s cold. (we are very comfortable). We also have a folding table with two benches, and two folding chairs that we use in the tent for working on our computers or eating when it’s too cold outside. We carry a “guest” tent – a teepee-style tent for two that Doug has had for decades.  If we’re only going to spend a day or two someplace, we pull it out and use it ourselves.

Doug is a rock-climber and also does a lot of backpacking, so we bring that gear with us, along with all the cooking gear, food,  clothing, books, and personal items we’ll need. We manage to get everything in the Subaru Outback, Thule rocket box and a Thule trailer. Doug found the last trailer like ours in the country! It’s just the right size for towing. We’ve packed up often enough now that we know where everything goes…which makes things go much more quickly!

We love living “outdoors”, camping, traveling, hiking and taking photos. We both have a professional website on Zenfolio for our photos; this blog is a way to keep our friends and families up to date on our adventures. I’d love to have you follow us along! And please let us know about your favorite camping/hiking/photo sites!

Cathy & Doug


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  1. Great header photo! Would love to know more about you and your journey!

    May 27, 2011 at 8:24 pm

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