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Pahreah Townsite

Pahreah Canyon
E. of Kanab, UT

After a few days of dry weather, we returned to the canyon and made it all the way to the end of the road! We crossed the wash and passed the old cemetery. Unfortunately there are no other reminders of the old townsite or movie set. The scenery is still breath-taking:



Johnson Canyon
E. of Kanab, UT

In 1951, Hollywood director William E. Wellman made a film for MGM called “Westward the Women,” about 140 mail-order brides making their way to ranchers in California.

Wellman had an entire Main Street built in Johnson Canyon outside of Kanab. The set had a saloon, a blacksmith shop, a doctor’s office, a general store and, of course, a hanging gallows.

The set was used in several more movies and then it was used for “Gunsmoke”.

Not all of the Gunsmoke episodes were filmed in Johnson Canyon, but a lot of them were.

Here are some photos of what’s left of “Dodge City”:
while I was taking photographs, I was visited by a half dozen horses who roam around Dodge City these days. They were very curious and friendly – let me pat them and looked hopefully at me…for an apple or treat?!

Pahreah Townsite

Pahreah Townsite

Pahreah Townsite was established in 1869, but abandoned 40 years later because of frequent flooding. In the 1930’s it was the site of a movie set where films such as “The Outlaw Josie Wales” were filmed. The remaining structures were torn down in 1990’s when they were deemed unsafe. Two replicas were built in 2000; but burned down in 2006. The original cemetary still lies a mile down the road from the original townsite.

The road was still frozen, so we were able to drive about 2/3rds of the way to the Townsite without a problem. A little warmer and the mud would be really thick and sticky. We’ll return when it’s been dry for a few days for the full tour.