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Water pockets

We took our friend, Kristy, to White Pocket and found that the pockets were full of water! It was such fun to see the area in such a new way, and really fun to take Kristy. We also went to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes ~ Kristy showed us a whole line of dinosaur tracks there…from at least 3 different kinds of dinosaurs. It’s such fun when she is in town, and especially great when her husband, Brian, gets to come.









Wave Again

Doug applied for another permit to visit the Wave and was the first one picked! We could not have asked for a better day…it was perfect. The 2-hour hike is so beautiful…and The Wave is beyond description.

This first photo was taken along the way…

This large camera was formerly owned by Edward Weston, a famous photographer in the early 20th century. The current owner lovingly restored the camera, which was painted in battleship grey during the war years. I would love to see the photos.

The Wave

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Ever since I first saw photos of The Wave, I’ve been wanting to see it. We’ve tried to get a permit for over 3 years. Only 20 people per day are allowed in, which is great because it’s quite a small area and everyone wants to take photos. There are two lotteries – one online and one in person at the Kanab BLM office. Finally we got a permit! It took about 2 hours to drive to the trailhead from Kanab, and then another 2+ hours to hike to The Wave. The hike itself was quite spectacular…past lots of beautifully colored rock formations. We spent 3-4 hours there before we headed back to the car. We got back just as it got dark. What a day and what a wonderful experience! The Wave is enchanting – with waves of textures and colors, plus lots of other interesting formations. We’re ready to go again!


Rimrock Canyon with it’s badlands and toadstool-shaped rocks lies about 40 miles from Kanab. We hiked about a mile into the canyon to see the first few toadstools. Then we drove up the Cottonwood Road aboout 3 miles and hiked another mile to the rim of the canyon. These rock formations are so cool; in all sizes and shapes. Made for a very fun day!


I like to imagine what is what like for the Mormans when they first saw this area. It must have seemed like the promised land with the towering cliffs, deep valleys and the rushing river. It was named Zion for the biblical “City of God” by Isaac Behunin, the first settler. Each time we visit, I am impressed by Zion’s beauty and majesty. It is truly grand.

The peak below is “Angel’s Landing”. You can hike to the top, using chains on the steep parts. It’s one of my hiking goals.

We saw 3 climbers climbing the rock cliff pictured here:

Although we had a sunny and fairly warm day, it was cold in the shadows. It will be a while before this ice thaws:

Travel Theme: Multiples

Inspired by Where’s My Backpack, I have looked through some old photos to find “multiples”.


Bountiful bunnies in a shop window in Santa Fe


Wall of an Earthship outside of Taos, NM

Edge of Cedars Museum 34

Anasazi pottery bowls, Edge of the Cedars Museum


Goblins at Goblin Valley, Utah

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California

The campground was almost deserted during the week, but filled up on the weekends. We were so lucky with the weather. The sun went down so early, but we managed to catch quite a few sunsets. They are so lovely in the desert.

One day we saw this flying near our campsite…we had to check it out!

Our neighbor was thoroughly enjoying the flight!

Joshua Tree is such a playground…

The sunsets blow me away…

Elephants, Windows & Double Arch

One of the areas in Arches has a lot of rock structures that look like elephants! There is a parade of elephants, and individual elephants. All of a sudden, we started seeing them in every rock!


Windows arch afforded incredible views of the surrounding buttes and canyons.

Double arch is huge!